Sunday, January 8, 2012

A better day...

Its Sunday late afternoon, day 7 of Max's wean. Max had his 500mls over night and vomited this morning, I don't know why, so would have lost some of his intake. He woke during the night and asked for a drink and took a small amount of water from a bottle and went back to sleep. We don't go to hospital on Sundays, so we packed Max a picnic and went out for the day with my folks, before they leave tomorrow. It was nice to get away from the hospital for the day. We went to the Clock Tower built in the 15th Century, a must see if you're in Graz! We went to the top of the mountain to the Clock Tower via a glass elevator, which Max loved! The views from the top are breath taking! You can see the entire city of Graz and all the red shingle roof tops. We stopped for a coffee at the beautiful glass cafe on the top of the mountain, surrounded by the stunning views. Max again asked for a drink while we all had our coffees. He then saw a little girl eating chocolate and ran over and took it off her, sucked on it, then threw it away. We thought this was great, but it was a bit hard trying to explain to the poor little girls parents why we weren't telling Max off! We had an array of foods packed and spread out for Max but he didn't take anything, just the water.
We then walked down the mountain and took Max on the fairy tale train ride that went through tunnels at the base of the mountain. We all really enjoyed it... and Max drank more water.
From the bottom of the Clock Tower

The top of the Tower

A drink from Nanna

Beautiful Graz, amazing views

Whoo hoo! Max sucking some meat!!!!
We walked back to our hotel and stopped to get something to eat, Dad and Steve have become a bit obsessed with the hot dogs here and surprise surprise we ended up at the hot dog stand...  Steve says its good role modeling for Max to see Daddy and Pa pigging out like they are! Max was watching us all eat and was moving his mouth making noises as if he was eating too, then he reached for Nana's hamburger! We broke off a bit of the meat and he put it straight to his mouth! Steve also handed him a chip and he tried that too, but dropped it to concentrate on the meat. Dad said 'hey guys look!' and I quickly and quietly said, 'no dad remember we don't say anything!' It was quite funny really, we're all trying to act ultra casual, but were all pretty excited. We kept walking home and Max held and sucked and nibbled on his piece of meat all the way. We're not sure if he actually swallowed any, but its still good.


  1. What a milestone day you had. Keep the updates coming Kirst, you write so well and it's great to read. Good luck for this week, I am sure there are more milestone days ahead. Give Maxy a big hug from us, Leigh and Kel

  2. Well done Max good on you. I have a sausage on the BBQ when you get home.

  3. Woo hoo! Go Max! Rebecca had a hot dog for dinner too--ground up in her baby food grinder.